Tips for Picky Eating, Updates on Abortion Laws, and Easy Parenting Hacks!

11 ways to deal with picky eaters, stay informed on state abortion laws, and discover practical hacks for a smoother family routine.

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Today, we’re diving into a mix of pressing topics that reflect what many of us are facing in our daily lives. Whether it's strategizing over the dinner plate with a picky eater or decoding the latest state abortion laws, these issues impact us deeply as parents navigating the complex world our children will inherit.

Why focus on these particular issues? Because they're urgent, affecting, and they're the conversations happening at playgrounds, kitchen tables, and yes, even in our inboxes. So let’s break down these topics, find some clarity, and maybe even a bit of comfort, as we tackle them together.

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  • PORCH PARENTING: Picky Eater: 11 Tips to Get Them To Eat Healthy

  • BREAKING NEWS: Where State Abortion Laws Stand Without Roe

  • PARENT QUICK WINS: 1 Parent Hack, 1 Activity Idea and 2 No-Brainer Amazon Buys


Picky Eater: 11 Tips to Get Them To Eat Healthy

Got a little one who turns their nose up at anything green? Me too. Here are some tried-and-true strategies to help your picky eater not only try but also love healthier food options. From creative plating ideas to involving them in the cooking process, these tips are designed to make mealtime both fun and nutritious.

Where State Abortion Laws Stand Without Roe

The landscape of state abortion laws is rapidly changing. We’ll walk you through the latest updates and what they mean for you and your community. It’s important to stay informed on these critical issues as they evolve.


Parent Hack

Transform chaotic mornings into structured starts, even if you’re exhausted, you’ll thank yourself in the morning, believe me, just a bit of a push to:

  • Lay out clothes the night before, including socks and shoes, to prevent last-minute scrambles.

  • Prepare all lunches and pack them in the fridge, ready to grab and go.

  • Set the breakfast table after dinner, including non-perishable items and dishes, to serve breakfast effortlessly.

Activity Idea

Start a small herb garden or a few vegetable pots:

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