6 Ways AI Can Help You Parent

Can AI really lend a helping hand in parenting?

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Oh boy, parenting can throw you some curveballs, right? As a mom to two super active boys, ages 1 and 3, I've been thinking a lot about whether AI can lend a hand around here without stepping on any toes.

Grab your coffee and pull up a chair—let’s dive into a chat about something every modern parent has pondered at least once: Can AI really lend a helping hand in parenting, or is it just another high-tech toy cluttering up our already chaotic lives?

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  • Six Ways AI Can Help You Parent (And Six Ways It Won’t)

  • PORCH IDEA: AI Treasure Hunt

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Six Ways AI Can Help You Parent

(And Six Ways It Won’t)

Ever tried using AI to keep the peace at home? Here's the scoop from someone who's been there, done that:

  1. Starting Conversations:
    You know those tricky topics we stumble through? Like explaining why grandma can’t visit as often? AI can kick off these convos with prompts that don't make you sound like a robot. But remember, it's the warmth in your reply that counts, not the words.

  2. Crafting Bedtime Stories:

    AI’s great at spinning tales. Last week, I asked for a story about a dragon who loves cupcakes, and voila! But honestly, nothing beats the sparkle in their eyes when you read it in your goofy voices.

  3. Planning Meals:
    So, AI suggests spaghetti... again. It’s helpful when your brain’s fried from juggling a million things, but will it know that Tuesday is Taco Night? Nope, that’s on you!

  4. Tracking Developmental Milestones:
    AI apps that track milestones are like those baby books we all start but never finish. Useful, sure, but take it with a grain of salt. It's not a pediatrician—it doesn’t do checkups!

  5. Indoor Activities:
    Rainy days used to be my nemesis until AI threw us a lifeline. It suggested building a fort with blankets and, wow, did it turn into a giggle fest! Still, it can’t replace the sheer joy of us building it together.

  6. Homework Help:

    Last night, AI helped decode my third grader’s math homework. Mind you, it took a minute to figure out who was teaching whom. Turns out, AI and common core math are both mysteries to me.

AI's like that one friend who’s great in small doses—a little goes a long way. So while we let it tidy up our lists or kickstart our creativity, let’s keep our human connections at the heart of parenting. After all, no AI can match the magic of your mom-hugs or dad-jokes, right?


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Let AI plan a treasure hunt. Input items around your house and let the kids go on an adventure. Meanwhile, you get a precious few minutes to yourself.



AI Prompt for Planning a Home Treasure Hunt:

"Hey AI, I need your help to plan a fun indoor treasure hunt for my kids. Here’s a list of common household items I'd like to include: a stuffed bear, a blue cup, a book with a red cover, a picture frame, and a spoon. Please generate a step-by-step treasure hunt game, complete with clues for each item. The clues should be simple enough for young children to understand and follow, adding a playful and educational twist where possible. Also, include a final riddle that leads to a small treat hidden in the house as the treasure. Make sure the hunt encourages movement around different rooms but is safe for young kids. Thanks!"

This prompt instructs the AI to create a playful and engaging activity that is both manageable and enjoyable for young children, ensuring a fun and educational experience.

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